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ARONIT PERSONAL – it is a modern personal anti-radiator, ionizer and therapeutic light emitter. 24 hours a day protects from harmful radiation and geopathic radiation coming from geological anomalies and electromagnetic smog, which affects all living organisms. The range of protection with a radius of 10m.

Aronit Personal protects against electromagnetic smog computers and networks of computers, electrical equipment, phones, transformers, control panels, TV receivers. Aronit Personal is also indicated in chronic depression, problems sleeping and sleeping, with chronic fatigue and stress, headaches, nervousness, rheumatism. It protects against radiation at low frequency bands 50Hz (Blue Beam HAARP) that affect the psyche and are the reason the formation of destructive thoughts.

The principle of work of Aronit is the emission of opposite phase, transformation and impregnation – what in effect neutralizes the effects of harmful geopathic radiations and effects with a healing and strengthening . • Aronit saturates the air with minus ions, wchich are very much missing in our cities and homes. • Aronit neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation. • Aronit operates for 30 years from the montage!

Personal Aronit should be always carried with you. Working at a computer you can put it on the desk. If you are not yet in possession of a mobile phone anti-radiator Aronit Mobile, you can put your mobile phone on a box of the personal anti-radiator and neutralize it.

Note: using the Super Human pads, be aware that they are not a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Harmful radiation in our environment may be of various origins: 

• Geopathogenous earth radiation - like water veins, faults and geological anomaly    • Radiation from technical devices - computers, TV receivers, transformers, lines of high and medium voltage placed near the dwelling or place of work.• Radiation of shape of spatial and flat figures.• Negative bioemission of flowers and some animals.• Band of low-frequency vibrations.


Aronit Personal is also recommended in chronic depression, problems with sleeping and with chronic fatigue and stress, headaches, nervousness, rheumatism. It protects against radiation at low frequency bands 50Hz (Blue Beam HAARP) that affect the psyche and are the reason the formation of destructive thoughts. Aronit saturates the air with negative ions that are missing in our cities and homes, promotes a harmonious, healthy and long life.

Note: using the aronites and Super Human pads, be aware that they are not a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Invisible threats in your environment. 

You live in an environment where there are many negative radiations. Modern man , which is a subject of the negative influences of the civilized and harmful lifestyle, to heal own living environment, more often reaches an ancient wisdom, such as yoga systems or feng shui. In our latitude, a system dedicated to the study of energy is dowsing (radiesthesia). Downsing is practiced by people with special radiesthetic abilities. Books on this subjects can be found in every bookstore . In general - feng shui or radiesthetics, are based on a study of invisible energy that is constantly in motion and constantly penetrates or even hits your aura and affects the quality of your life and health. In nature, most of shapes are rounded and are very beneficial or neutral for you. Apart from that, there are also negative, sharp shapes in nature, which are shooting at you with energy arrows (eg, plants with sharp leaves or corners of walls) that forms can make holes in your aura exposing you to attack other people (eg a difficult boss or a colleague) or causing discomfort or illness. Movements of water flowing deep underground where you live or work - also can affect you negatively - just when flowing in the wrong direction! This type of adverse layouts, shapes and paths beneath your home or place of work and omnipresent nowadays electromagnetic smog kills negative ions in the air, without which there is practically no life. This can make you feel weakness, fatigue life, sick, arguing for any reason or even all of your plans can fail, and you can feel the constant depression. Radiation negatively affects your health, hinders the healing process and causes relapse.

A few words about minus ions

20000 is the amount of negative ions of air in 1cm3 of pure, ionized air in the mountains of Abkhazia, where people are experiencing the greatest number of years of live.

600 is the amount of the minimum concentration of negative ions to indoor air allowed by the Ministry of Public Health.

300 is the amount of the concentration of negative ions in the air on 1cm3 in most of the cities on Earth.

 60 is the amount of concentration of negative ions in the air on 1cm3 in our houses.

Zero is the amount of concentration of negative air ions on 1cm3 near the screens and monitors. Mice kept close to a computer die after 14 days ....


Why use Aronit?

If you want to live a healthy and harmonious live, it is worth to protect yourself. Aronit is a new global method of protecting living organisms from harmful geopathic radiation coming from underground sources, geological anomalies and electromagnetic radiation. It’s operation is based on the emission of healing white light (technically: the principle of emission of opposite phase, transformation, and impregnation), which in the space of your place of work or leisure forms a protective blanket of a radius of 10m and a height up to the atmosphere around the earth. As the amount of height increases - the light concentration decreases. Emitted by Aronit light neutralizes the negative effect of radiations.


Benefits: • provides better sleep and easier falling asleep, • inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, • supports the treatment of diseases, especially cancer, neuroses and allergies, • promotes a harmonious, healthy and long life, • neutralizes the effect of electromagnetic smog, • neutralizes harmful geopathic radiation (watercourses), • saturates the air with negative ions, which are missing in our cities and homes.

Aronit is indicated, if you suffer from: : • chronic infections, • trouble with sleeping and falling asleep • chronic fatigue and stress, • headaches, • cancers, leukemia, infertility, • premature aging (not in every case) • rheumatism, • some diseases of the kidneys and lungs, • neurosis, depression, and sometimes more serious mental illness, • nightly bed-wetting, • anxiety in children, • mycoses (not in all cases), • all conditions associated with the weakening of immunity.

Use for: • protection of electrical equipment, computers and networks of computers, phones, transformers, control panels, TV receivers, • protection of residential buildings, health facilities, education, recreation and leisure, hotels, factories, offices and institutions, • securing some sections of the highway where due to unknown causes occurs significant number of road accidents, • in livestock buildings increases productivity and improves the health status of the herd.

Notice for a product: ARONIT Home and Office as an anti-radiator is the content of the plastic box visible in the picture. The color of box can be black, brown, green, dark green, aquamarine or orange depending on the supply. We sell the contents of the boxes and the technology of anti-radiators not the color boxes. On each of the box is a sticker stating: ARONIT Home and Office - neutralizing harmful radiation.


Notice for deliveries: To reduce the cost of delivery we offer a priority registered letter with the price of 7,00€ for EU countries and 12,00€ for overseas countries. However, to meet the requirements of the mail (the letter should not be higher than 2 cm) we send anti-radiators removed from the carton and folded cardboard box. In case if the client wishes a product should be sent in a sealed carton we have to send it as a package with the price of 20€ for UE and 45€ overseas countries. All deliveries of ordered products must be prepaid. Depending on the chosen package a delivery fee is added automatically to the price of a chosen product. IMPORTANT: if you purchase in our store indicating Poland as the address of destination the costs of delivery are the same as for the Polish clients and are 3€ if you pay in from abroad.

Copyright notice: The anti-radiators called aronites are the work of designer and inventor eng.Bernard Dulińskiego. The brand name "AARON positive energy", the name ARONIT PERSONAL, ARONIT HOME & OFFICE ARONIT TRAVEL, ARONIT MOBILE, ARONIT GARDEN, ARONIT SUPER HUMAN BODY HELP names are trademarks and are owned by ENERGY-Aaron Grzegorz Duliński as well as all the information and photos posted on and in this store. People using them without a permit violate the personal rights and copyrights of Bernard and Grzegorz Duliński.

Note: using aronites anti-radiators, be aware that they are not a substitute for treatment prescribed by a doctor.


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